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All I need is a small aubergine

I hate buying anything new (for environmental and financial reasons), so I use trash free things, or stuff I have (and I have a lot because I rarely throw anything out). This means that I do need to take the time to make things usefu, hence, lots of 'projects.'

In my last post, I was bemoaning the lack of time to work on projects. I agree with those who commented that having a blog does help motivate. So I decided to tackle a bunch of little projects over the weekend. My little projects are nothing amazing and since I’m linking to Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping’s Ta-Dah! Tuesday, I’ll call these Ta-Dahlets. 

No, not these.

Ta-Dahlet #1 – Patched my ‘work’ jeans

I fell down and ripped the knee of the jeans I use for messy chores. Not having suitable scraps of heavy- duty fabric, I made a patch out of a 1950s tablecloth, stenciling it first. Since I couldn’t just throw out the paint I mixed, I made a moon patch for when I rip the other knee. Oh, and stenciled a t-shirt.

Jeans thrifted many years ago. Water cup - empty soy yogurt container/trash. Paint cup - fruit cup (taken out of a friend’s recycling bin). Paint stirrer - plastic stick from an Edible Arrangement/trash. Stencil – free premium sent with invite to subscribe to Martha Stewart’s magazine (about 10 years ago). Foam rubber – trash. Vinyl used under my stenciled fabric - old photo sleeves/trash. Rag – friend’s discarded t-shirt/trash. Drop cloth - cut-off from too long shower curtain/trash. Patch – from tablecloth. Paint was purchased new.

Ta-Dahlet #2 - Stenciled work t-shirt

T-shirt thrifted many, many years ago.Ta-Dahlet #3 – Mended thrifted 1970s top

Someone had chopped off the sleeves of this slinky shirt right above the elbow and left them un-hemmed. I shortened and hemmed them and repaired a hole in the front (covered by the belt). And wore this out today.

1970s Alex Coleman of California shirt. 1970s red bag and olive corduroy skirt I’ve had for decades, Mexican woven belt purchased at Cultural Survival bazaar. Vintage Liberty of London scarf thrifted last week. Silver bracelets made by me in 1979.

Ta-Dahlet #4 – Datebook salvage

Some dubious charity sent me this datebook with a donation appeal (I don’t want to promote that charity, so I’ve blurred the name and logo). Using handmade paper from a pile of scraps I found, I cut one and glued it to the front of the datebook.

Ta-Dahlet #5 – Making pressed powder

Loose face powder that I got for free proved too messy to use. I mixed it up with some rubbing alcohol and put it into an empty compact.
So what's with the 'small aubergine' reference? My boyfriend says that I'm like the Indian mother from the BBC comedy series "Good Gracious Me." I couldn't find a video of that episode but her schtick was that she complains about making purchases, saying that she can make whatever it is at home "for nothing." All she needs is a small aubergine.

Reader Comments (7)

Haha, I'd forgotten about that GGM reference but it made me laugh, she was a great character. Great ta-dahlets, I will have to try to the face powder one to fix an eyeshadow I broke the other day. Glad you're up for the swap, I will do a proper sign-up post in the next couple of days.

wow am so impressed with your thriftiness and ideas!

October 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersian

I bet you felt pleased to have ticked a few jobs off your to do list!
Great ideas, I am intrigued by the face powder tip. Don't think it would work with aubergine though...!
The blouse and t-shirt look great. xxxx

October 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpastcaring

What a great job you've done on the make-do and mending! I'm ploughing through a pile at the moment and am feeling rather pleased as they're all jobs I've put off for too long!
IMeera Syal went to my school (and I used to date her bro!) x

October 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVix

I love the Dr. Who reference!!! It's such a great feeling to get those projects done that have been on the back burner forevah. Every now and then I get on a kick to do just that. Or once a month I set aside a couple of hours to do so with friends. We call it the Sewing Rebellion. Congrats to you on your successful mission!

October 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpao

Your projects are inspiring!! I took the idea of "something out of nothing" for the title of my blog, so you know I'm a total fan of this post!!! You look fabulous in your outfit, too.

October 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJean at Dross into Gold

Wow, you have been busy! Some great tips there and I can't believe how cheaply they were done. The diary looks really posh too!

Nikki x

October 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPenelope Cat Vintage

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