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Long-term commitments

Usually I post about clothes that I’ve purchased at thrift stores or vintage clothing shops. In light of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers January Freestyle Outfit Challenge, I thought I’d focus on another category of clothing that I wear – items I’ve purchased new but are vintage because I bought them 20+ years ago.

Yes, long, long ago, I purchased new clothes. Mostly discounted because I shopped at the original and legendary Filene’s Basement, where everything was marked down, and the longer it remained on the racks, the deeper the discount. I fell in love with the gorgeous fabrics, excellent craftsmanship and interesting styles of designer clothes. I didn’t care about the labels or being "in style" (everything I bought was from past seasons anyway). I just appreciated the quality.

Iridescent taffeta jacket by Anna Sui. Embroidered sheer silk blouse by the French label, Equipment. Black wool trousers by Antwerp designer Dirk Bikkembergs. All purchased at Filene’s Basement in the early 1990s. Boots purchased at Shelly’s in London in the early 1990s.  English Eccentrics devore velvet scarf. Purchased in the early 1990s at Filene's Basement.Although my photos are lousy and don't show details well, each item has something special. For the jacket, it’s the cut and quality of the fabric. The blouse is embroidered all over with off-white and gold metallic threads. The trousers fit well and have a flap just below the knee which hides a zipper so that you can remove the lower part (not that I've ever done that).

I wear the English Eccentrics scarf every winter. What with being orange and purple, velvet and having a heraldic pattern with unicorns, lions and Tudor roses, how could it not be my favorite?

The blouse and jacket (and boots) have appeared here previously, so there's proof that I do still wear them. Although I no longer buy new items derived from animals, I wear ones from my "pre-gan" (pre-vegan) days and will continue to until they fall apart.

Christmas 2011. February 2012

I have lots of clothes that I've had for a very long time. Do you?

Reader Comments (8)

How interesting! I'd really not thought about still wearing things that I bought new that would now be considered vintage. I do still have, and wear, a Macintosh coat I bought new in 1984 or so. It looks new, and I wear it all the time when the weather is cold enough.

January 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLizzie

I really love those boots and that jacket - and they look great with that scarf, too. Lovely things.

I wish I had more of my old clothes, but I've moved so much and always cleared things out when I did. Plus, a lot of my things were pretty ordinary. Except I had a pair of Frye boots, and I can't imagine why I didn't keep them!

January 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVal Sparkle

I love the pieces you have highlighted here, they are very you and I can see why you continue to love and wear them. I have some dresses from the 90s which I still like, and some shoes too. Most other things are long gone, but I'd like to think I will be keeping most of the vintage pieces I buy now. xxx

January 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCurtise

I just love those boots! You seem to know what items to keep with you long term. I've definitely owned things in the past that I wish I'd hung on to. Some vintage things, some not but would be now. I seem to be too hasty when it comes to cleaning out my closet but I do have one scarf I bought in about 92. I've used it as a table covering here and there for years but it's now back in my scarf drawer.

January 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoni

Home grown vintage! That's is the best, especially when the appreciation for the garment also grows over time. I love the wine and the cream colors on you- and there's nothing like getting a quality garment at a bargain price!

That blouse is a real beauty and your jacket is a stunner.
I have a few things I've kept for years usually jackets, coats and shoes. I never thought of them as vintage but I suppose they are - that's a really good way to think of them .

January 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNorma

I could cry when I think of the things I've gotten rid of over the years. Sometimes I have dreams where they show up again and I'm overjoyed. I see my shoes from the 70's and all kinds of things from the 80's. I've held on to a few things however. I still have the first item of clothing I bought for myself with my own money. It was a Mexican shawl (rebozo) in olive green wool, purchased in a hippie shop in Cambridge MA. That would have been around '66 or '67.

Val mentioned having Frye boots. I had some too, beautiful lace up ones that I had saved for. I remember wearing them in 1971 with my Peruvian alpaca poncho. Wish I had kept them all!!!!

Your pieces are exquisite and the fact that you still fit into them is commendable!! I need to work on that.

January 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJean at Dross into Gold

Isn't it strange that some people are always reinventing themselves whilst some of us are happy to wear the same choice pieces for decades? I love your carefully chosen pieces and that you've loved the same cuts and colours regardless of the changing fashions.
I think I told you that we went to Filene's when we went to Boston. Jon's still got the French Connection jeans he bought for $7 although they're cut into shorts these days!
My oldest from new items are a couple of Topshop vests I bought in 1999 but I have vintage clothes I've owned for 20 years or more! xxx

January 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterVix

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