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Avid thrifter and vintage clothes wearer. Love 1960s and early 1970s styles. Partial to Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, Renaissance and Medieval art. Former art historian. Current packrat. On a continual quest for good-looking, comfortable vegan shoes. Bhangra dancer since 2002. Fascinated by all things Indian. Vegan and animal advocate. 

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"She was dressed, as usual, in an odd assortment of clothes, most of which had belonged to other people." 

Excellent Women by Barbara Pym (1913-1980)



“I said "Somebody should do something about that." Then I realized I am somebody.”

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V.I.C.E in the park

After a strenuous 1 ½-hour bhangra rehearsal today, I got to make up for any burned-off calories by gorging myself at an annual vegan ice cream event (known as “V.I.C.E.”).

It seemed like a good occasion to wear my newly thrifted 1970s patchwork maxi skirt.

1970s patchwork skirt, thrifted. Another 1970s DR (Design Research) t-shirt (I bought a bag of them at a yard sale 20 years ago). Rajasthani wedding bangles purchased in India. Purple tagua nut ring purchased at a charity shop in Walsall. Carnelian and silver ring, present from A. Silver band with star cut outs, I’ve had since the 1970s.Trio of metal pins I acquired in the 1970s. I don’t know if ice cream socials are just an American thing. This one was potluck, where everybody brought some vegan ice cream--store-bought, from the local vegan ice cream parlor, or homemade--plus a variety of toppings. I was short on time and just made some healthy blueberry topping. Ice cream flavors available were pomegranate chocolate chip, rosewater saffron, peanut butter chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and some that I didn’t get to try. Non-dairy ice cream can be made with a nut-, coconut-, or soy-milk base. I was never big on dairy ice cream (it felt “mucuosy” to me). Vegan ice creams are rich without being heavy, if that makes sense.

It was a rather messy, chaotic event, but a cooler kept the ice cream from melting too much.Hello, little guy. Jasper put the “social” in “ice cream social.”I was having flashbacks to Jennie’s recent pocket puppy incident in the park.

He’s like a dog and a kitten rolled into one! Total non-sequitur: When I returned to Cambridge (U.S.) from London, my neighborhood was green and lush due to the copious amount of rainfall of the past couple months. The overpowering smell of the honeysuckle trees permeated the hot, humid air no matter where I walked. This has faded, but one of my neighbors has lilies around their house and now I get accosted by an equally intense floral scent.

I had a friend from New York staying in my apartment while I was away and the one thing he gushed about was how pretty my neighborhood is. I do have to agree.

I hope your weekend is filled with ice cream and puppies, too.


Independence Day weekend

After my last post, I got a bit carried away with red, white and blue.

Red, White, and Blue Cowgirl

I found these T.U.K. cowboy boots (and they're non-leather!) at the thrift store last week and raided my Etsy store for the 1970s cowgirl dress.The denim vest was another recent thrift-store find and I know it's going to become a mainstay of my wardrobe.

The Indian print scarf I've had since the 1970s and the Indian embroidered bag (which you can’t really see) just got a new lease on life after I refurbished it with a new zipper, lining, and strap. The beaded bracelet may have been something A.’s mother brought back from Kenya (where she grew up), but he can’t remember.

Red, White, and Blue California Girl

Straw hat, thrifted with hat band added by me. 1970s Graf Californiawear blouse. 1990s H & M denim mini-skirt. Bloomingdale’s b-line stockings, thrifted. Clogs, thifted and painted by me. Beaded necklace, thrifted. 1970s woven belt – no idea.I might have to reclaim this 1970s Graf Californiawear polyester blouse from my Etsy shop.

Last week saw some good thrifting. Imagine my delight at finding this pair of star-patterned knee-high stockings--what with my star mini-obsession (yes, those are stars that I painted on my clogs).

Sporty Red, White, and Blue

1970s DR (Design Research) t-shirt, yard sale. Metal peace sign pin I’ve had since the 1970s. People used to dream about the future (an experimental design collective in the 1990s) red pants, purchased in the 1990s at Filene’s Basement. Linking up with Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday and Spy Girl's 52 Pick-Me-Up: 70s Flashback.