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Avid thrifter and vintage clothes wearer. Love 1960s and early 1970s styles. Partial to Art Nouveau, Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian, Renaissance and Medieval art. Former art historian. Current packrat. On a continual quest for good-looking, comfortable vegan shoes. Bhangra dancer since 2002. Fascinated by all things Indian. Vegan and animal advocate. 

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"She was dressed, as usual, in an odd assortment of clothes, most of which had belonged to other people." 

Excellent Women by Barbara Pym (1913-1980)



“I said "Somebody should do something about that." Then I realized I am somebody.”

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And death for no reason is murder

Just ten minutes after arriving at the incredibly crowded 18th Annual Boston Vegetarian Society Food Festival, a young woman came up to me and said, “You're wearing the best outfit of anyone here.” Why, thank you! (Unless vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious are really bad dressers -- which I don't believe).

Custo Barcelona shirt, thrifted, Goodwill. Tie-dyed velour skirt made in Nepal, Camden Stables Market, London. Boots by Vegetarian Shoes, Brighton, UK. Assortment of Indian and beaded necklaces. Bangles purchased in India. Mexican embroidered bag purchased at the Cultural Survival Bazaar. The Food Festival is a 2-day event with over 120 exhibitors (food, products, and organizations) and lots of great talks and cooking demonstrations. There was the usual food sampling. So at one table you're tasting artisanal chocolate, at the next pesto kale chips, then Ethiopian food, then dried gooseberries... and so on. My friend and I know to bring water to have a swig between tastings or risk some unpleasant combinations.

When we arrived we made a beeline for the Vegan Treats table. There was already a long line to purchase the most decadent pastries, donuts, and cookies I've ever seen.

This is a Vegan Treats spread from a different event, as the photos on my phone didn't come out. The bakery is located in Pennsylvania, so it is quite a treat to have them come to Boston.

I bought a coconut cream doughnut, raspberry-cheese danish, cannoli, Boston cream donut and a sticky bun. All vegan, all out-of-this world. All for me.

There were plenty of cruelty-free products at the Festival. I really like the belts, bags and jewelry at Michelle Leon Designs.

I grabbed photos of my favorite pieces off their website. Not on their website is this great bag in a suede-like fabric made from plastic bottles with a hand-cast monkey closure.

I was also admiring the wares of Herbivore Clothing, including this 'good luck elephant' design on a hemp and organic cotton t-shirt.

Alas, my friend and I left with just our weighty boxes of pastries and a few free samples and coupons. Good thing the tie-dyed purple and red skirt I was wearing has an elastic waist!

I recently saw the film "Morrissey 25 Live", (you can watch a trailer here) a concert film shot earlier this year. I was somewhat surprised to see how gracious Morrissey was with his fans and was reminded of how powerful his performance of 'Meat is Murder' is. 


Rock, roll (and recuperate)

My end-of-summer lookI hope to get this post completed before I pass out from exhaustion. Today my friend Chris and I were selling at the annual Rock and Roll Yard Sale, a street fair/market with vinyl sellers, live music, crafters, and vintage dealers. I’ve spent most of my free time the past few weeks sorting through boxes of stuff that I’ve had for decades as well as pricing and preparing -- with the hopes of clearing out loads in one fell swoop. And I did. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and the crowds were non-stop all day.

I didn’t get much time to perfect my display before it got very busy. With the exception of two right nearby, I didn’t have a chance to visit the other vintage sellers, so no purchases for me today.

.I’ve always loved the scarves, linens and jewelry in the shop ‘Carmen & Ginger’ on Etsy, so it was fun to get a quick glimpse of their retro wares. 

On the other side, I met vintage seller, July White who was sharing a space with Maria of Tezcatlipoca

July purchased this early 1970s striped knit mini by Whistle Stop from me and wore it immediately.

Tezcatlipoca’s Colin Glascoe plum and gold print velvet maxi dress was drop-dead gorgeous.

I didn’t get to see much that wasn’t in a 15-foot radius of my tent. So I was glad that Famous Seamus, the world's mellowest cat who puts in appearances at a number of outdoor events in the area, passed close enough for me to give him a head scratch.

Skirt, tie-dye peasant blouse, and corset, all thrifted. Moon face pendant purchased in the 1970s. Bangles from India. Flower crown made by me.No pictures of me at the Sale, (and I wouldn’t have allowed any as I was too hot and bedraggled). I wore this outfit with a straw hat instead of my flower crown, and tons more jewelry.

I'm linking up to Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday and then crashing into bed. Now that this event is over, I do plan to catch up on my blog reading!

Nighty night.


Pretty and happy

Today was a beautiful spring day and there was a palpable sense of relief in my neighborhood after a harrowing week.

I felt like wearing a pretty dress even if it was just to run errands.

I bought this dress on Etsy a couple years ago. It was a maxi dress with short puffy sleeve. I shortened it and took the elastic out of the sleeves to make butterfly sleeves.

The print of the fabric makes me happy.

Bulbous-toed oxfords bought in London in the early 1990s. I've always called them my ‘clown shoes.’

Google search results for 'clown shoes.' Uh, oh, take away the inflated toe and boat-like proportions and I’d wear most of these. Some look very similar to the too-big (yes, even with a padded insole) shoes of my last post. Well, I guess if I can wear clown pants, I can wear clown shoes.

1970s dress, altered, Etsy. Corduroy jacket, $3, thrifted. Fabric flower pin made by me. Silver moonface/amethyst necklace purchased in the 1970s. Oxfords, purchased at Hobbs in London, early 1990s. Indian cotton bag made by me from a thrifted 1960s jacket. 

I'm out and about at Visible Monday.


Ruffle Monday

I’ve been thumbing through fashion magazines from the late 1960s and early 1970s lately and seeing lots of ruffles and some lace-up bodice mini dresses, like these:

Young Edwardian by Arpeja ad. Seventeen magazine, June 1968. “She’s into the action!”Shirt Sprouts by Morgan of London ad. Seventeen magazine, June 1968. “The new Shirt Sprouts are frilled and fancy.”The “Romantic Midi” fashion editorial. Seventeen magazine, April, 1968.So, I unearthed a vintage ruffled lilac blouse from the back of my closet. The lace-up bodice dress, I already wear quite often. I also resurrected some of my old jewelry, items I’ve had for decades, but haven’t worn since my heavily-accessorized days in the ‘80s.

Channeling my 7-year-old self from 1968. 1990s Funhouse NYC stretch ultrasuede dress, Goodwill, $6.99. Late 1960s Cindy Collins Dacron polyester ruffle blouse, Goodwill, $4.99. Purple tights from Sainsbury’s. Vintage brooch I’ve had for decades. BP Mary Janes painted by me, Goodwill, $5.25.Here is an old favorite – a 1940s celluloid rose brooch with a purple-y luster finish.

The shoes are thrifted and recently painted by me; they’ll get their own post tomorrow.

Linking to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday. Please check out all the other visible women there.


Rock and Roll Yard Sale

I’m exhausted after a full day at the local ‘Rock and Roll Yard Sale,’ a community flea market that focuses on vinyl and music-related vintage items.

There’s a fair amount of vintage clothing and some handmade crafts as well.

My friend had a booth, selling mostly LPs. In addition to helping him with the set up (he’s still on the mend from a leg shattered in a motorcycle accident), I was selling some vintage clothing.

Of course, any time I do a selling event, I always end up buying. (As did my friend, who, in spite of having bought a collection of 20,000 records, and trying to sell them for the past 6 months, still found an LP he had to have.)

Greek fisherman’s cap purchased around 1990 at The Hat Shop back when it used to be on Neal St. in London. Sunglasses made from 1960s frames found at Dollar A Pound around the same time. I am probably the only person on earth who has had the same pair of sunglasses for 20+ years. I thought the bag was worth a close-up. I bought this vintage chenille bag, which has a geometric 1920s-style pattern in vibrant colors, for $7.00. I am sure I saw this exact bag or one very similar for sale online recently.

I barely sold anything, but it was still nice to be outside all day, saying ‘hi’ to the dogs who walked by.

And to Seamus, a cat who likes to spend the day out and about perched on his person’s shoulder. He's the most laid-back cat I've ever met.

There were bands playing, too. Although not obvious from this photo, this woman, with the help of a cane, was boogieing up a storm. I thought, "I hope I'm like her when I am at that age."

I've been catching up on my blog reading tonight and this woman's exuberance reminded of yesterday’s post on The Secondhand Years which mentions a poem by Jenny Joseph which begins, "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple." 

Today I just happened to be wearing a purple and red top, purple tights and purple paratrooper boots (last seen here.) Then again, going by the pics I’ve posted, I wear purple and red most of the time (here and here. Oh, and here). Either I'm old before my time or getting in lots of practice.


Learning to sew, again

I used to sew. But, not well. That didn't stop me from hoarding fabric and vintage patterns. Now, I am going to remedy that and take a sewing class. Hopefully, I will learn how to fit a pattern instead of making clothes that don't fit.

The long-sleeve, to-the-knee dress pattern from 1972 will be my project for class. For the fabric, I chose cotton in a dark, allover print to hide mistakes I no doubt will make. And the fabric was inexpensive, just under $9.00 for almost 3 yards. Wish me luck.